Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Weight of Your Keys Can Pull $$$ Out of Your Pocket

Have you looked at or better yet - weighed your key chain? Surprisingly enough, a heavy keyring can put stress on your ignition and ultimately damage your ignition switch.

According to The Import Shop of Merriam, KS, a heavy key chain (many keys, charms, etc.) weighing several ounces can wear cuts in the key itself and the tumblers. Every time you drive over a bump, the jolt exacerbates the wear-and-tear inside the ignition switch. And that could mean a costly repair! The Import Shop recommends putting your ignition key on a separate ring to lighten the load and lessen the chance of needing to replace your ignition switch.

If you own a Honda and need ignition work or any kind of service and live in the greater Kansas City area, be sure to call The Import Shop, located at 6900 Antioch in Merriam, KS. And don't forget - winter is around the corner. This is the perfect time to schedule your Honda winterization maintenance! Simply give The Import Shop a call at 913-677-2176 and ask for Harriet.

Make The Import Shop Your Honda Shop!

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